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2019 Maileg Rabbit Pajamas - Size 2

2019 Maileg Rabbit Pajamas - Size 2

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Introducing the 2019 Maileg Rabbit Pajamas in Size 2 - SKU: 16-9222-00

Product Details

  • Size: Bunny/Rabbit 2
  • Height: 11.02 inches
  • Recommended Age: All ages
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash at 30°C
  • Material: Linen/Cotton
  • Filling: Recycled polyester/PE Pellets

Meet your new perpetual source of joy, the Maileg Rabbit Size 2 in Pajamas. This delightful companion is all smiles, radiating happiness with every hop and skip. Dressed in his beloved striped pajama set, he'd wear it around the clock if he could! With his ears held high, he keeps a watchful eye on the world, always eager to engage in playful adventures. Whether indoors or outdoors, he cherishes every moment spent with his fellow rabbit friends. And should he happen to get a little dirty, a gentle 30°C machine wash will have him looking pristine once again.

This cheerful rabbit is on the lookout for a playmate, a friend of any gender to share endless adventures and cozy snuggles. Together, they can explore the magic of the playground, discover the wonders of the zoo, or even host enchanting tea parties, inviting other rabbit friends to join in the merriment. A loyal companion for any young boy or girl, this lovable rabbit makes for the perfect birthday gift and is sure to captivate the heart of every Maileg enthusiast. Join the Maileg family and embark on a world of imagination with your new Rabbit Size 2 in Pajamas.

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