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2023 Maileg Medium Polly Pork Pig

2023 Maileg Medium Polly Pork Pig

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Introducing the 2023 Maileg Medium Polly Pork - Your Cuddly Swine Companion!

Oink Oink! Get ready to welcome the most adorable piggy friend into your life with the 2023 Maileg Medium Polly Pork. Polly Pork is not just any pig; she's incredibly soft, irresistibly cute, and always eager to snuggle up with a friend.

A Medium-Sized Marvel:

Standing at a medium-sized height of 8.66 inches and a width of 15.35 inches, Polly Pork strikes the perfect balance between huggable and hoppable. Her size makes her an ideal companion for play, cuddles, and decorating your room with a touch of porcine charm.

Ageless Appeal:

Designed to delight kids and adults alike, Polly Pork is recommended for all ages. Whether you're a child seeking a new playmate or an adult in need of a plush friend, Polly Pork is ready to make your heart melt with her undeniable charm.

Quality That Lasts:

We understand the importance of softness and durability in a plush companion. Polly Pork is made from a blend of high-quality materials, including linen, cotton, and polyester. This combination ensures she's not just soft to the touch but also built to withstand countless hugs and cuddles.

Easy-Care Convenience:

Worried about keeping your piggy pal clean? Polly Pork can be easily washed in your machine at 30°C, so she's always ready for more snuggles and adventures, no matter where they take you.

A Gift of Joy:

Looking for the perfect gift to brighten someone's day? Polly Pork is an enchanting choice. Her undeniable cuteness and cuddly nature make her an excellent present for birthdays, holidays, or simply as a token of affection.

Embrace the whimsy and warmth of the 2023 Maileg Medium Polly Pork. Order yours today and discover the joy of having a cuddly piggy friend who's always ready to bring a smile to your face. Polly Pork - where softness, charm, and friendship meet!


SKU: 16-3985-00
Size: Medium
Height: 8.66 in.
Width: 15.35 in.
Recommended age: All ages
Wash: 30 C
Material: Linen, cotton, polyester.

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