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2022 Maileg Medium Panda

2022 Maileg Medium Panda

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Introducing the 2022 Maileg Medium Panda

Dive into the enchanting world of Maileg with our 2022 Maileg Medium Panda, a delightful addition to our cherished plush animal collection. Designed and handcrafted with utmost care by the skilled artisans at Maileg, this endearing medium-sized panda is here to be your child's loyal playmate, cuddle buddy, and companion for countless adventures.

Key Features:

  • Crafted with Precision: At Maileg, quality is paramount, and this Medium Panda exemplifies that commitment. Every detail, from the panda's charming expression to its impeccable stitching, is a testament to the brand's dedication to creating treasured keepsakes. Crafted from high-quality cotton, this panda promises both durability and cuddle-ability.

  • Just the Right Size: Standing at a height of approximately 12.59 inches, this medium-sized panda is perfectly proportioned to be your child's ideal playmate. Not too big, not too small—just right for little hands to hold and explore.

  • Ageless Appeal: The Maileg Medium Panda is designed to captivate the hearts of all ages. Whether it's a comforting companion for a toddler's naptime or an adorable collectible for the young at heart, this panda has universal charm.

  • Easy-Care Friend: Worried about keeping your panda pristine? Fear not! The Maileg Medium Panda is designed to withstand playtime adventures. When a little cleaning is needed, a gentle 30°C wash, as per the care instructions, will have it looking good as new.

  • Irresistibly Soft: Made from premium cotton, this panda's plush fur is irresistibly soft to the touch. It's not just a toy; it's a source of comfort and coziness that your child will treasure.

The 2022 Maileg Medium Panda - SKU: 16-2608-00 is more than just a toy; it's a trusted friend that sparks imagination, provides comfort, and offers endless cuddles. Whether your child is embarking on exciting adventures, sharing secrets, or simply seeking a snuggle buddy, this panda is always ready to play its part.

Bring the magic of Maileg into your home today with the 2022 Maileg Medium Panda. Add it to your cart and watch as it becomes an integral part of your child's playtime, bringing joy and warmth with each embrace.

SKU: 16-2608-00
Size: Medium
Height: 12.59 in.
Recommended age: All ages
Wash: 30 C
Material: Cotton
Filling: Recycled polyester/PE Pellets

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