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2022 Maileg Mum Mouse Nightgown

2022 Maileg Mum Mouse Nightgown

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   Introducing the 2022 Maileg Mum Mouse Nightgown, where comfort meets style for a restful night's sleep. This soft nightgown and sleeping mask set ensures that Mum Mouse is cozy and ready for sweet dreams.

   Handmade with care, each Maileg toy is crafted to perfection, with unique touches that give them character and charm. Unlike mass-produced plastic toys, our Mum Mouse Nightgown is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike.

Product Details:

  • Item No.: 17-2301-02
  • Size: Mother/Father mouse
  • Height: 8 in
  • Recommended Age: +3 Years
  • Wash: 30°C
  • Material: Cotton

Whether it's for playtime or bedtime, Maileg toys are designed to bring joy and comfort to children and collectors alike. Give Mum Mouse the gift of relaxation with our 2022 Maileg Mum Mouse Nightgown, and let her drift off to dreamland in style and comfort.

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