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2022 Maileg Mouse Rose Miniature Corner Cabinet

2022 Maileg Mouse Rose Miniature Corner Cabinet

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Discover Maileg's delightful Corner Cabinet, a charming piece that will transform any dollhouse. This cabinet offers two shelves and a cabinet, bringing ample storage for miniature essentials. Crafted with a vintage-inspired arched top and detailed carvings, it features a rustic gold door knob to complement Maileg's miniature closets. Place it in the kitchen, bedroom, or any room to bring a touch of elegance. Our corner cabinet is the perfect balance of style and function, perfect for storing tea supplies, dishes, clothes, towels, and blankets. Elevate the charm of your miniature world with Maileg's delightful Corner Cabinet.

*Each cabinet is unique and has a slightly weathered, vintage look.

SKU: 11-2008-00
Size: House of Miniature
Height: 9.05 in.
Width: 4.92 in.
Recommended age: +3 Year
Wash: Surface wash
Material: Wood / Metal


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