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2019 Maileg Medium Mint Puff Drum

2019 Maileg Medium Mint Puff Drum

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The Maileg Medium Mint Puff Drum is a delightful addition to any room in your home, bringing both style and comfort. With its beautiful color combination and soft touch, it's sure to upgrade the decor of your living space.

This puff drum is crafted from OEKOTEX Cotton, ensuring that it meets high environmental and safety standards. The use of OEKOTEX Cotton highlights Maileg's commitment to quality and sustainability. Inside, the puff drum is filled with a combination of recycled polyester and PE pellets, providing a comfortable and supportive sitting or resting spot.

The Maileg Medium Mint Puff Drum is designed with both aesthetics and convenience in mind. It features a zipper, making it easy to remove the cover for washing, ensuring that it stays fresh and clean. However, please note that it's recommended for decoration purposes only, adding a stylish touch to your living space.

Item No.: 19-9501-01
Size: 11.81 inches in Diameter
Height: 9.45 inches
Recommended age: For decoration only
Care Instructions: Surface wash
Material: OEKOTEX Cotton
Filling: Recycled polyester/PE Pellets

Elevate the ambiance of your home with the Maileg Medium Mint Puff Drum, a perfect blend of comfort, style, and sustainability. Whether you use it as an extra seat, a footrest, or simply as a decorative piece, it adds a touch of charm to any room.

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