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2023 Maileg Coral Dog Basket

2023 Maileg Coral Dog Basket

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Introducing the Maileg Coral Dog Basket, a splendid addition to Maileg's Spring 2023 Collection. Designed to offer your plush dog a haven of relaxation, this exquisite basket encapsulates Maileg's dedication to crafting both comfort and style. Elevate your furry friend's resting experience with this thoughtfully designed accessory.

As a testament to Maileg's commitment to quality, the Coral Dog Basket harmoniously combines aesthetic appeal with practicality. Meticulously chosen materials and meticulous attention to detail culminate in an accessory that truly enhances your plush dog's comfort. The set includes a sumptuous mattress, a plush pillow, and a velvety soft blanket, providing your beloved companion with the ultimate lounging experience.

Maileg's ethos is rooted in celebrating individuality and artistic expression. Each Maileg toy, including the Coral Dog Basket, is meticulously hand-crafted or hand-finished. This distinctive process ensures that every item possesses its own unique character and charm. Unlike mass-produced plastic toys, which lack the warmth and authenticity that comes from skilled craftsmanship, Maileg's creations exude soulful warmth and personality.

Please note that the plush poodle itself is not included with the Coral Dog Basket. This elegant accessory, bearing the SKU: 16-3922-00, is tailor-made to accommodate plush dogs of various sizes. With dimensions measuring 3.14 inches in height and 12.99 inches in width, the basket offers ample space for your plush companion to luxuriate in relaxation.

Recommended for all ages, the Maileg Coral Dog Basket invites cherished moments of tranquility for your plush dog. The washable linen/cotton material ensures effortless maintenance, as it can be gently cleaned at 30 degrees Celsius. The filling, made from polyester, strikes the perfect balance between comfort and resilience.

Elevate your plush dog's surroundings with the Maileg Coral Dog Basket, a true embodiment of Maileg's dedication to creating items that resonate with both quality and heart. This accessory transforms repose into an art form, and its timeless design reflects Maileg's enduring commitment to crafting products that evoke joy and lasting memories. Embrace the allure of handcrafted excellence and provide your treasured companion with the luxury they rightfully deserve.

* Does not include Plush Puppy

SKU: 16-3922-00
Height: 3.14 in.
Width: 12.99 in.
Recommended age: All ages
Wash: 30 C
Filling: Polyester

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