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2023 Maileg Coral Plush Dog Basket

2023 Maileg Coral Plush Dog Basket

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Discover Cozy Comfort for Your Furry Friend

Introducing the Maileg Coral Plush Dog Basket, a sanctuary of softness and warmth for your beloved plush dog. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this basket is not just a bed, but a haven that promises serene slumbers and sweet dreams.

Unmatched Quality and Design

  • Item Number: 16-3922-00
  • Size: FITS: PLUSH DOGS - Perfectly sized for Maileg stuffed animals, ensuring they snugly fit.
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.14 in, Width: 12.99 in - Ample space for comfortable rest.
  • Material: LINEN/COTTON Blend with Polyester Filling - Crafted for durability and softness.
  • Washable at 30°C - Easy to clean, ensuring hygienic conditions.
  • Recommended for all ages - A timeless addition to any Maileg collection.

A Touch of Elegance

Every Maileg Coral Plush Dog Basket comes complete with a plush mattress, pillow, and soft blanket, all fashioned from the finest linen and cotton. These accessories not only add a layer of comfort but also a touch of elegance to your Maileg furniture ensemble.

Gift of Endearing Moments

Whether as a gift or a cherished addition to your own collection, the Maileg Coral Plush Dog Basket encapsulates the essence of care and love. It's more than a piece of furniture; it's a pledge of delightful moments and a warm embrace for your plush companion.

Embrace the Maileg lifestyle with the Coral Plush Dog Basket - A symbol of comfort, luxury, and timeless design. Perfect for anyone who believes in creating endearing moments and cherishing them forever.

* Maileg Stuffed Animal is not included.

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