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Halloween Skull Paper Lantern - 14 Inches

Halloween Skull Paper Lantern - 14 Inches

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Get ready to send shivers down your spine with our Halloween Skull Paper Lantern! At a chilling 14 inches in size, this lantern is the epitome of spooky, scary, and seriously fun. Whether you're hosting a haunted house party or just looking to give your home a touch of eerie elegance for the season, this lantern is a must-have addition to your Halloween decor.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Halloween Skull Paper Lantern is designed to capture the essence of the season's spine-tingling ambiance. The lantern features a bone-chilling skull design with intricate facial details that are sure to send shivers down your guests' spines. The devilish grin and hollow eyes glow eerily when illuminated, creating a terrifying yet enchanting atmosphere.

This lantern is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Simply assemble it using the included metal frame, and you'll have a three-dimensional masterpiece that's ready to hang. Add a standard LED light (not included), and watch as the lantern emits a haunting glow that casts sinister shadows, setting the stage for a night of frightful fun.

Whether you're placing it on your porch, in your entryway, or throughout your haunted house, this Halloween Skull Paper Lantern is guaranteed to be a bone-rattling hit. It's the perfect centerpiece for your spooky soiree, and its menacing charm will make your decor the talk of the town.

Constructed from high-quality, eco-friendly paper materials, this lantern is durable and eco-conscious. You can use it year after year, making it an excellent investment in your Halloween traditions. Plus, it's an ideal backdrop for creating hair-raising photos and selfies that capture the essence of Halloween.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your Halloween decor to spine-tingling heights with our Halloween Skull Paper Lantern. Bring a sense of dread and delight to your festivities, creating unforgettable memories in the process. Embrace the scary, the fun, and the festive with this lantern that's sure to be the crowning jewel of your Halloween celebrations. Order yours today and let the haunting begin!

Product Specifications:
White Paper Lanterns and Black.
14" W x 12.5" H (See Lantern Size Comparison)
Opening Dimensions:
5.25" Top, 3.5" Bottom
Includes 1 Paper Lantern + Metal Frame Expander
Style: Even Ribbing
Material: Paper

*Lighting Not Included

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