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Gold Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

Gold Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

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Gold Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge on Spool - 3/8" Wide, 10 Yards

Craft with the splendor of a golden hour sunset with Knot + Spool's Gold Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge. This exquisite ribbon, 3/8" in width, is conveniently wound on a spool, extending to a luxurious length of 10 yards, ready to enhance your creative projects with its lustrous charm.

Each length of this ribbon is a celebration of opulence, featuring a rich gold velvet that captures the essence of classic elegance. To further accentuate its luxurious appeal, the edges are intricately detailed with a fine gold trim, offering a seamless blend of texture and shine. This double-gold combination is perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to any setting or occasion.

The spool serves as more than just an aesthetic dispenser—it protects your ribbon from creases and tangles, ensuring it remains in impeccable condition for when inspiration strikes. After the ribbon is used, the spool can be upcycled for future use, epitomizing Knot + Spool's commitment to sustainability and versatility.

Ideal for a multitude of decorative purposes, this ribbon is a versatile staple for elevating holiday decorations, creating show-stopping bows for gifts, adding a regal touch to wedding decorations, or embellishing couture fashion accessories.

Product Features:

  • Color: Rich, Metallic Gold
  • Width: 3/8 inch
  • Length: 10 yards
  • Finish: Sumptuous velvet with matching gold-trimmed edges
  • Spool: Durable spool for effortless use and neat storage
  • Recommended for: Luxurious gift wrapping, opulent event décor, upscale crafting, and any occasion that calls for a golden flourish

Knot + Spool's Gold Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge is the epitome of sophistication, waiting to add a king's ransom of beauty to your crafting domain. Secure this golden treasure today and weave a thread of pure luxury through your next project.


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