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Gold Star Ornament - Gold Crackle Tin

Gold Star Ornament - Gold Crackle Tin

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Color: Gold Crackle
Material: Tin
Dimensions: 5"L x 5.25"H

Embrace the festive cheer with our exquisite Gold Star Ornament, crafted from tin with an elegant gold crackle finish. This stunning ornament is a classic symbol of the holiday season, reimagined in a luxurious style. Its shimmering gold tone and unique texture make it a standout addition to any Christmas decor.


  • Luxurious Gold Crackle Finish: The ornament features a beautiful gold crackle effect, adding a touch of sophistication and sparkle to your holiday decor.
  • Durable Tin Material: Crafted from high-quality tin, this ornament is both lightweight and durable, perfect for annual use.
  • Perfect Size: Measuring 5 inches long and 5.25 inches high, it's ideally sized for hanging on your Christmas tree or decorating your home.
  • Versatile Decor Piece: Whether adorning a tree, hanging in a window, or adding a touch of elegance to your festive table setting, this ornament is versatile and eye-catching.
  • Timeless Design: The classic star shape is a timeless choice, making it a perfect addition to both traditional and contemporary holiday themes.

Add a golden glow to your holiday celebrations with our Gold Star Ornament. It’s not just an ornament; it’s a piece of festive art that will shine brightly in your home!


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