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Felt Mummy & Halloween Head Ornament

Felt Mummy & Halloween Head Ornament

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Introducing our enchanting Felt Mummy & Halloween Head Ornament set – a bewitching fusion of Scandinavian artistry and the cozy allure of wool, skillfully handcrafted in Nepal. These whimsical ornaments are more than mere decorations; they are miniature masterpieces that encapsulate the spirit of whimsy, tradition, and spooky fun.

Key Features:

  1. Scandinavian Handmade Design: Our Felt Mummy & Halloween Head Ornaments draw inspiration from the rich tradition of Scandinavian craftsmanship. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these ornaments showcase the dedication and creativity of skilled artisans, adding a touch of Nordic charm to your holiday decor.

  2. 100% Free Trade Guaranteed: We are steadfast in our commitment to ethical production practices. Our Felt Mummy & Halloween Head Ornaments are carefully crafted under fair trade principles in Nepal, ensuring that every purchase contributes to the livelihoods of artisans and their communities.

  3. Meticulous Attention to Detail: Each ornament is created with precision and care, embodying the artistry that can be achieved with wool. From the whimsical features of the mummy to the intricate finishing touches, these ornaments transform humble materials into something truly extraordinary.

  4. A Gry & Sif Product: Gry & Sif, celebrated for their exceptional woolen creations, proudly presents this delightful ornament set. With Gry & Sif, you can trust that you're acquiring a product that embodies the essence of Scandinavian design.

Versatile Decorating Options:

Whether you're decorating for Halloween, embracing the cozy vibes of autumn, or simply adding a dash of playful elegance to your space, this Felt Mummy & Halloween Head Ornament set is the perfect choice. Hang them on your Halloween tree, drape them creatively across your mantle, or use them as charming additions to your Halloween party decor. Their timeless charm and playful nature make them cherished elements of your holiday decor collection.


  • Quantity: Set of 2 Felt Mummy & Halloween Head Ornaments
  • Material: Wool and Felt
  • Size: 1 in.
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • A Gry & Sif Product

Elevate your seasonal decorations with our Felt Mummy & Halloween Head Ornament set, where wool and artistry come together, tradition meets innovation, and ethical craftsmanship from Nepal shines brightly. Add a touch of whimsy, tradition, and spooky fun to your living space with this exquisite ornament set today.

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