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Burnt Peach Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

Burnt Peach Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

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Burnt Peach Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge on Spool - 3/8" Wide, 10 Yards"

Discover the warmth and elegance of Knot + Spool's Burnt Peach Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge, a must-have for those who appreciate a touch of vintage charm in their craft. Elegantly spooled and ready to unroll, this 3/8" wide ribbon stretches to a length of 10 yards, offering a bounty of design potential for your crafting projects.

This ribbon is swathed in a rich, burnt peach hue—a sophisticated blend of dusky orange and warm blush that evokes the nostalgic beauty of a sunset in full bloom. The plush velvet material lends a texture as luscious as the fruit itself, while the delicate gold edging brings a refined finish that subtly glints in the light.

Nestled on a spool, the ribbon is preserved in perfect condition, ensuring a smooth flow for all your decorative needs, without any kinks or creases. And when the last inch of ribbon has been cherished and utilized, the spool stands ready for its next chapter, whether as a dispenser for new ribbons or as a quaint piece of craft room decor.

This velvet ribbon is incredibly versatile, serving as the perfect accompaniment to autumnal wreaths, wedding favors imbued with a rustic touch, gift boxes seeking an antique flair, or home décor that demands a stroke of unique color and texture.

Product Features:

  • Color: Burnt Peach
  • Width: 3/8 inch
  • Length: 10 yards
  • Finish: Rich velvet with a contrasting gold edge
  • Spool: Durable and reusable for convenience and sustainability
  • Ideal for: Autumn decor, vintage-themed events, luxury gift-wrapping, and bespoke interior accents

Let the Knot + Spool Burnt Peach Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge be the highlight of your crafting collection, offering a fusion of earthy warmth and understated opulence to your creations. Add this beautiful ribbon to your supplies today and bask in the glow of your inspired and enchanting designs.


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