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Balsam Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

Balsam Velvet Ribbon w/Gold Edge on Spool

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Balsam Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge on Spool - 3/8" Wide, 10 Yards

Infuse your craft and decor projects with the lush, evergreen charm of Knot + Spool's Balsam Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge. Delicately coiled on a spool, this premium ribbon measures 3/8" in width and unfurls to a generous 10 yards, providing a rich tapestry of design possibilities for your creative needs.

Imbued with the deep, verdant shade of balsam fir, this velvet ribbon brings the essence of a forest's elegance to your fingertips. Its luxurious texture is reminiscent of nature's splendor, made all the more resplendent with a tasteful gold edging. This touch of metallic sheen borders the ribbon, capturing the harmony between earthy grace and sophisticated charm, perfect for a natural yet opulent twist to your designs.

The convenience of the spool cannot be understated, offering a simple unrolling experience and safeguarding the ribbon’s plush quality. It ensures that the velvet remains smooth and ready for use, without the hassle of tangles or knots. Beyond its initial purpose, the spool is reusable, echoing Knot + Spool's appreciation for sustainable practices.

This ribbon is wonderfully suited for a wide array of uses: adding a festive spirit to holiday decorations, enriching wedding themes with a touch of organic luxury, adorning special gifts with a unique flair, or creating standout pieces in home decor.

Product Features:

  • Color: Deep Balsam Green
  • Width: 3/8 inch
  • Length: 10 yards
  • Finish: Rich velvet with elegant gold-trimmed edges
  • Spool: Convenient spool for easy dispensing and tidy storage
  • Ideal for: Festive holiday creations, refined event styling, distinctive gift-wrapping, and bespoke home décor accents

Embrace the beauty of the great outdoors with Knot + Spool's Balsam Velvet Ribbon with Gold Edge. Let this ribbon, steeped in the serene and majestic hues of the forest, elevate your decorative endeavors to new heights of sophistication. Add it to your collection today and begin crafting with the tranquility of nature's palette.


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