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Antique Gold Double Face Satin Ribbon - 7/8" x 5 Yards

Antique Gold Double Face Satin Ribbon - 7/8" x 5 Yards

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Bring a golden touch to your crafting and event designs with the Knot + Spool Antique Gold Double Face Satin Ribbon. Our exquisite ribbon, with a width of 7/8", is the perfect embodiment of classic elegance and modern luxury, provided in a convenient 5-yard length to suit all your decorative needs.

This ribbon shines with a rich, golden hue, featuring a silky smooth finish on both sides that exudes opulence and adds a regal look to any setting. The double face satin material ensures that your bows and drapes catch the light and the eye, making it a must-have for elevating flower arrangements, accentuating wedding décor, or giving a royal edge to your gift-wrapping.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of our design, as each edge of our Gold Double Face Satin Ribbon is meticulously stitched. This not only enhances the ribbon’s beauty but also its functionality, protecting it against fraying and ensuring that your creations maintain their splendor throughout their use.

The ribbon's 100% polyester makeup delivers both the premium appearance of satin and the resilience required for repeated use. Whether it’s used to adorn a festive holiday wreath or to add a touch of glamour to celebratory banners, this ribbon retains its majestic allure without compromising on durability.

Product Features:

  • Color: Antique Gold
  • Width: 7/8 inch
  • Length: 5 yards
  • Material: High-quality 100% Polyester
  • Finish: Silky, double-faced satin for double the sheen
  • Edges: Stitched for a fray-resistant edge
  • Perfect for: Christmas decor, luxurious flower arrangements, glamorous wedding décor, festive gift wrapping, and any crafting project that demands a hint of shimmer

Embrace the splendor of Knot + Spool’s Gold Double Face Satin Ribbon and infuse your projects with the timeless sophistication of gold. Suitable for an array of occasions and applications, this ribbon is ready to transform your creative vision into a dazzling reality. Add it to your cart today and let your décor gleam with the promise of Knot + Spool quality.


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