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4th of July RIBBON BUNDLE™

4th of July RIBBON BUNDLE™

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Create an unforgettable patriotic atmosphere for your Fourth of July celebrations with our Star Spangled Ribbon Bundle, a standout addition to our Knot + Spool accessory collection. This marketable bundle is designed to elevate your festivities with its vibrant colors and versatile applications. Whether adorning gifts, baskets, candy jars, lanterns, or any other decorative element, our bundle will enhance your event with an impressive and memorable display.

Elevate your Fourth of July celebrations with our marketable Star Spangled Ribbon Bundle from the Knot + Spool collection. Let the vibrant colors of red, white, and blue symbolize the spirit of unity and pride as you create an unforgettable patriotic atmosphere. Whether you're gifting, decorating, or simply adding a touch of Americana to your surroundings, this versatile bundle is the perfect choice to make your Fourth of July truly memorable.

Each bundle is a variety of 5-7 ribbons within a specific color wave. Feel free to mix and match, take apart, and tie on to anything! 

SIZE: 16”-20”

Please note that the ribbons included in each RIBBON BUNDLE™ may vary from what is pictured. However, rest assured that every bundle will consist of a diverse selection of ribbons falling within the chosen color category.

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