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2024 Maileg Mini Berry Branches Gift Bag

2024 Maileg Mini Berry Branches Gift Bag

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Wrap your small presents with love and a touch of whimsy using the Maileg Mini Berry Branches Gift Bag. This beautifully printed paper bag, adorned with the delicate Berry Branches design, is your shortcut to elegant and personalized gift-giving. Perfectly sized at 9.4 inches in height and 3.9 inches in width, it's ideal for those special little items that mean the most.

Make Every Gift Special

  • Charming Design: The Mini Berry Branches print brings a unique and artistic touch to your gifts, setting them apart.
  • Convenience Meets Style: Easy to use, this gift bag allows for quick wrapping without sacrificing style. Just add a colorful ribbon for that final flourish.
  • Premium Quality: Made from high-quality paper, it ensures your gifts are presented in a manner that reflects care and thoughtfulness.

Available now, the Maileg Mini Berry Branches Gift Bag is ready to enhance your gift-giving experience. Item No.: 15-4001-02. Elevate your presents from simple to extraordinary with this enchanting gift bag.

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