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2023 Maileg Medium Nougat Plush Bunny

2023 Maileg Medium Nougat Plush Bunny

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Discover the Enchanting Maileg Medium Nougat Plush Bunny

Welcome the Maileg Medium Nougat Plush Bunny into your home and heart, a creation that embodies the essence of charm and comfort. This plush bunny, adorned with a lovely Maileg fabric bow around its neck, stands out for its softness, quality, and the sheer joy it brings to all ages.

Crafted with attention to detail, this Maileg stuffed animal is not just a toy but a companion that brings stories to life. Each bunny features a unique, soft plush fabric that begs to be hugged and held, making it a perfect gift or a cherished member of your family.

Eco-friendly and designed for lasting memories, the Nougat Plush Bunny is filled with recycled polyester and PE pellets, making it a responsible choice for the environment and a safe, cuddly friend for your child.

Key Features:

  • SKU: 16-3991-00
  • Size: Medium, with a height of 13.39 inches, ideal for snuggles
  • Recommended age: Perfect for all ages, from the youngest to the young at heart
  • Washable at 30 C, easy care for endless adventures
  • Material: High-quality Polyester for a soft, durable embrace
  • Filling: Made with recycled polyester/PE Pellets for an eco-friendly touch

The Maileg Medium Nougat Plush Bunny is more than a toy; it's a gateway to creating moments, sparking imagination, and fostering a lifetime of memories. Its endearing appearance and comforting texture make it an instant favorite among both children and adults.

Invite this Maileg Bunny into your life today, and let it hop right into your heart with its adorable look and loving embrace.

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