Collection: Maileg | My & Micro Rabbits

Discover the enchanting world of Maileg's My & Micro Rabbits collection, where imagination knows no bounds and tiny wonders come to life. These adorable rabbits, measuring approximately 4.5 inches in height, are the heart and soul of a whimsical universe crafted just for them. From miniature furniture to tiny garments, every accessory is meticulously designed to perfectly fit and complement these petite companions.

Key Highlights:

1. Miniature Marvels: Maileg's My & Micro Rabbits are pint-sized wonders, standing at an endearing 4.5 inches. Their petite stature makes them the perfect canvas for creating a world of tiny delights.

2. Tailored Accessories: Every accessory in this collection is thoughtfully crafted to cater exclusively to the My & Micro Rabbits. From charming furniture to delightful outfits, each piece is designed to fit like a glove.

3. Imagination Unleashed: With these My & Micro Rabbits and their dedicated accessories, children and collectors alike can let their imagination run wild, reenacting stories, creating cozy homes, and nurturing their tiny friends.

4. Premium Quality: Maileg's commitment to quality is evident in every detail of these tiny treasures. Crafted with care and precision, they are built to withstand both playtime and display.

5. Age-Appropriate: Suitable for children aged 3 and above, the My & Micro Rabbits collection encourages imaginative play, storytelling, and the creation of a world filled with endless wonder.

Experience the magic of Maileg's My & Micro Rabbits collection and embark on a journey of miniature adventures, creativity, and boundless joy. Whether for play or display, these petite companions and their dedicated accessories offer a world of elegance, warmth, and enchantment in every moment. Discover the charm of Maileg today and make these tiny marvels an unforgettable part of your world.