Collection: Maileg Mouse Family Collection

Introducing Enchanting Maileg Mouse Family: Big and Little, Brothers and Sisters, Moms and Dads, and Adorable Baby Mice

Discover the world of Maileg Mouse, where imagination comes alive with an enchanting array of meticulously crafted characters that spark joy and endless play. From the endearing Maileg Big Brother and Big Sister Mouse to the adorable Maileg Little Brother and Little Sister Mouse, as well as the loving Maileg Mum, Maileg Dad, and the irresistible Maileg Baby Mice – this delightful collection brings heartwarming tales to life.

1. Maileg Big Brother Mouse and Maileg Big Sister Mouse: Meet the charming Big Brother and Big Sister Mouse, ready to embark on delightful adventures with your child. Standing tall at just over 5 inches, these lovable characters are dressed in intricate clothing and come with their own cozy matchbox beds. Their whimsical outfits are perfect for imaginative play, while their compact size makes them ideal for on-the-go companionship.

2. Maileg Little Brother Mouse and Maileg Little Sister Mouse: Tiny in size but bursting with personality, the Little Brother and Little Sister Mouse are a dynamic duo designed to capture hearts. Measuring around 4 inches, they fit snugly into their own matchbox beds, complete with soft bedding for a touch of realism. These miniature mice are perfect for pocket-sized adventures and are sure to ignite creative play.

3. Maileg Mum and Maileg Dad: Complete the Maileg Mouse family with the adorable Mum and Dad characters. Dressed in classic, timeless outfits, they stand around 5 inches tall and are designed to fit comfortably in various Maileg playsets. Whether attending a pretend tea party or embarking on make-believe journeys, Maileg Mum and Dad are nurturing figures that enhance storytelling and imaginative play.

4. Maileg Baby Mice: The Maileg Baby Mice are the tiniest members of the family, measuring just around 2.5 inches. Delicately crafted and beautifully detailed, these pint-sized cuties come swaddled in snug blankets and fit snugly into their own matchbox cradles. Their small size and intricate design make them a perfect addition to dollhouses, miniature scenes, or as companions for other Maileg characters.

Unleash Creativity with Maileg Mouse Family: Every Maileg Mouse character is thoughtfully designed to spark creativity, encourage imaginative play, and foster a sense of wonder. With their exquisite attention to detail and versatile sizing, these lovable mice seamlessly blend playtime and decor, making them an excellent gift for children and collectors alike. Dive into the enchanting world of Maileg Mouse today and create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

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